A-One Pallet specializes in the following products:

  1. New 48x40 GMA pallets
  2. Recycled 48x40 GMA pallets
    • Used 48x40 grade A or #1 pallets
    • Used 48x40 grade B or #2 pallets
  3. New and Recycled Custom/Specialty Pallets of any size
  4. Heat Treatment (HT) for compliance with International Standards of Export (ISPM-15)
  5. 9-Block pallets
  6. Remanufactured pallets of any size built exactly to your specifications using reclaimed pallet lumber
  7. Wood Boxes and Crates
  8. Fumigation Services
  9. Pallet Design, Analysis and Detailed Specification Sheets
  10. Top Frames of any size
  11. Corrugated Slip Sheets and Boxes

Used 48x40 grade A or #1 pallets

Used 48x40 grade B or #2 pallets

New 48X40 GMA Pallet

Custom Pallets

Nailing Machines and Remanufacturing Process

Top Frames

A-One Pallet Distributing, Inc. is a proud member of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA).

The standards and specifications along with a glossary of pallet terms can be found here: NWPCA Industry Standards and Specifications

We also offer fumigation for export materials. A program overview can be found here: NWPCA Export Treatment

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